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Gedeon Reserve Red Dry

Gedeon Reserve Red Dry is an exceptional wine originating from the historic wine region of Vayots Dzor in Armenia. Crafted from the precious Areni grape, an indigenous variety thriving in Armenia’s breathtaking terroir. The process begins with the careful hand-picking and sorting of Areni grapes, ensuring the highest quality. But what truly makes this wine remarkable is the 12-month aging process, resulting in a deep structure and a rich flavor that will overwhelm your senses. With a perfectly balanced alcohol content of 13%, this wine embodies the best of its origin.

Taste character GEDEON Reserve

In the glass, the wine presents itself with a deep and inviting ruby-red hue, hinting at something extraordinary awaiting. With the first sip, the diversity of the Areni grape unfolds. This wine enchants with its velvety texture and an intriguing fusion of red berries, cherries, and a touch of spiciness.

The GEDEON Reserve also unveils subtly integrated tannins, resulting in a balanced finish that lingers long in memory. As for wine and food pairings, Gedeon Areni Reserve is versatile and complements various dishes. Try this wine with grilled red meats, game dishes, or hearty cheeses to accentuate its flavorful layers. It also pairs excellently with Armenian cuisine, such as lamb kebabs or lavash bread with spicy dips. To bring out the flavors to their fullest, we recommend serving Gedeon Areni Reserve at a temperature of approximately 16-18 degrees Celsius.

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